Apple Date Milkshake

This week i am paired with Priya vaasu of en veetu kitchen for Blog hop wednesday started by Radhika. I chose this because i felt that this was the best way to disguise the apple for my daughter:-)….


Apples 3 nos

Dates 15-20(Deseeded)

Milk 2 cups( cold) or more

Honey 2 tbsps

Sugar as per taste(optional)


Soak the dates in warm water for 30 minutes or microwave it with closed for 1 minute in High mode

Chop the apples with the skin(it is healthier this way)

Transfer apples, dates, milk and honey to a juicer/ mixer and blend it till smooth.

Pour it into glasses and serve!!!!!!!

If you need a thicker shake reduce the amount of milk..either way this tastes awesome


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This recipe seems to be quite popular! Have seen many bloggers choosing this one. Its easy to make, healthy and delicious! What more can one ask for!

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