Kambu Thair Saadam / Thair Kambu

Look at the way our lifestyle has changed. There is so much of refined food intake that we have forgotten our own millet. There is a mad rush in our daily life that we do not have the time to cook elaborate healthy meals but have resorted to fast foods, ready to eat foods. Then why won’t there be an alarming increase in the diabetic population of India????Let us do our bit to introduce these healthy options to our children…may be their lives may change for the better!!!
Kambu thair saadam was introduced to me by my friend Uma. She says it is a delicacy and of late is also served in weddings in coimbatore. Thank you Uma…I have stopped  eating the regular curd rice instead it is always kambu thair saadam:-). The natural taste and flavour is awesome
Kambu/Bajra/Pearl millet      1cup
Water                                   4 cups
Salt                                      a pinch
Yogurt/Curd                         1 cup
Oil                                      1tsp
Mustard                               1tsp
Asafoetida                           a pinch
Soak the kambu in water for 10 minutes
Drain it completely and transfer this to a mixer

Run this in a mixie for a minute into a coarse rava consistency

Pour 4 cups water and this broken kambu rava in a pressure pan,Add a pinch of salt, mix well pressure cook it for 3-4 whistles. Let it cool

When the pressure releases, mix well and continue to mix, for some time till it cools. If you leave it as it is without mixing, it tends to become a little hard on cooling(Forms a cake like mass)

When it has completely cooled, add the curd,mix well
Temper the mustard in hot oil, when it splutters add the asafoetida, curry leaves and pour this on the cooked dish. Mix well

Relish this wonderful dish!!!
Linking this to Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday



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