Welcome to ‘Veena’s Vegnation’. Originally, It was started by Veena for her daughter who is also interested in experimental cooking. Since then, I have been expanded to accommodate a wider user base and there has been no looking back. Young adults, students, novice cooks – I have something for anyone and everyone who is willing to experiment with their culinary skills and join Veena’s journey in savouring the flavours of different cuisines around the world, just flip through the pages and find your favourites!

Veena envisaged this blog as an extensive catalogue of vegetarian recipes. At the beginning, she experimented with a variety of Indian fares and gradually explored diverse recipes from around the world. In each post, you can find a detailed, step-by-step description that is easy to follow and illustrated with interesting pictures. Each recipe is personally tried and tested in the kitchen before it makes its way here. Nutritional information and energy equivalents are included for the calorie-conscious. To accommodate the varied dietary preferences across the vegetarian spectrum, I also have vegan recipes that do not use dairy products.

Apart from cooking, Veena also enjoys travelling. It allows her to combine some of her other interests – photography, trekking and pilgrimage – into a single, wonderful experience. The trekking expeditions have motivated her to embark on a fitness routine, and the quest to cook and eat healthily for this endeavour has helped in enriching my content. She documents her travels regularly and you can read all about them here. In addition to this, she also relishes hand-crafting scarves, bags and wallets.