Eggless Vanilla Chocolate Marble Cake

The scene when I finished baking this cake
Daughter: Oooh…I can smell chocolate…yumm
Me          : (With a smile) I baked a vanilla chocolate cake
Daughter: What is the occasion? Not my birthday:)
Me          :November 5th is celebrated as National Bundt cake day. 
Daughter:Eh what? Cake day? That too for a particular pan? and you really baked for that ??OMG!!
Me          ; Don’t mock at me
Daughter:No ma. Not at all. Infact I just realised that you have loads of pans, in different sizes  and       shapes and probably you should bake regularly celebrating them..
Me          : (Gave an irritated look)
Daughter :Tasted the cake and with a cute smile said..Ma, whatever the occasion be, you bake the best eggless cakes…love you
So here is the very moist eggless vanilla chocolate marble cake baked for the national bundt cake day

Recipe Source: Divine Taste
All purpose flour        3 cups
Baking powder            2tsp
Baking soda                 1tsp
Cocoa powder              1/4 cup+2tbsp
Hot water                      1 cup +2tbsp
Sugar                              2 1/4 cup
Oil                                  1 cup
Yogurt                             1 cup
Vanilla extract                 2tsp

Sieve the flour, baking powder and baking soda together
Grease a bundt pan or two 8″ round pan
Preheat the oven to 180C
In a bowl take the 1 cup of hot water and sugar. Whisk it well till the sugar almost dissolves.
Now add the oil and yogurt and whisk well
Add this liquid to the flour mixture.Add the vanilla extract too. Now whisk well with a hand blender till there are no lumps.
Divide this mixture in two equal halves
Add cocoa to one half with 2 tbsp of hot water which is kept aside, whisk well
Now pour ladle full of each batter into the prepared cake pan alternatively
Now take a knife and swirl around so that you get beautiful marble pattern
Bake this in the oven for 45 to 50  minutes or till the skewer comes out clean
Let it cool on a wire rack
Fresh cream             3/4 cup
Brown sugar            1/2 cup
Cocoa                       3 tbsp
Vanilla                      1/2 tsp
Heat the fresh cream in a sauce pan till it starts to boil
Swtch off the fire and add all the other ingredients
Whisk well
Pour over the prepared cake and enjoy!!!!!
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