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Wow!!!!!! What a lengthy name:-). Well! Again i am late in posting for this months SWEET PUNCH challenge.Hmmmm….too many reasons……This was indeed a challenge….You think the recipe or the preparation was tough????????…NOO….It was the easiest one and which we could prepare very easily and in a very less time. Then why was it challenging????????From the moment i started to cut the fruits there were many visitors, A.C technician to service the A.C’s in winter:-), The frantic neighbor’s call because she lost her house keys……..goodness the list goes on. Ultimately i decided to go ahead with my Dessert:-). Preparation was very easy and i scooped the fruit mixture first and then the crumble as told in the original recipe and waited impatiently till it baked…….As i waited, my daughter said”MOM!! YOUR CRUMBLE IS MAKING MY STOMACH GRUMBLE!!!!!”……well! it was past dinner time and i still had not served them dinner and the choco flavour from the bake was too good to resist. Then after a very hurried dinner, we had this lovely dessert.


The original recipe is here

Apple (diced into very small pieces) 1

Plum( diced into small pieces) 1

Light Brown Sugar 15 gms

Lemon Juice of 1/2 the lemon

Chocolate 50 gms(grated)


All purpose flour 50 gms

Butter 25 gms

Chocolate 15 gms

Light Brown Sugar 25 gms

Blanched Almonds(sliced) 25 gms


Preheat the oven to 180 C

Grease 3 teacups or Ramekins

In a bowl mix together the cut apples, plums, brown sugar, lemon juice and chocolate.
Spoon this mixture into the cups equally

To make the crumble, place the flour and butter in a bowl and mix it with finger tips till it forms a mixture like bread crumbs. Now add the sugar, chocolate and almonds

Spoon this crumble over the fruit mixture and press down lightly.

Place the tea cups in a baking tray and bake for 30- 35 minutes until bubbling

Taste awesome when served with a dollop of ice cream:-)


The first impression…….i had to actually peep into the tea cup as if i was looking into a well:-)….i hadn’t scooped enough mixture( Forgot that this would not rise like a cake..LOL)

The taste was heavenly!!!I could actually feel the different textures as i scooped through. Lovely chocolate flavour

It was simply a great dessert.

Thank you SWEET PUNCH. Thank you Divya


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