Beetrrot Raita

 When we Bm family met up few months back Pj gifted each of us with some goodies and my goody bag consisted of a lovely book-No oil Vegetarian recipes from Sanjeev Kapoor.Scrolling through the book, this recipe with a vibrant colour was very inviting.Here is this simple healthy recipe for CCChallenge this month
Beetroot             1 small
Yogurt               2 cups
Cumin powder    1tsp
Corainder leaves   1 tbsp
Salt                        to taste
Peel the beetroot. Grate it and cook it in a cooker upto 3 whistles. Let it cool completely
Now to this add roasted cumin powder, red chilli powder, fresh coriander, yogurt and mix well
Serve chilled!
Thank you Pj for this wonderful gift!!


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