Hot Chocolate Souffle~A tribute To Tarla Dalal

I was very young when I married.Little did my hubby know that I did not know to cook at all and I am sure he was in shock to discover the fact. He was smart though:-)He bought me my first cookbook….A vegetarian cookbook by Tarla Dalal and I treasure it even today.The news that she is no more was a rude shock to most of us. We Blogging Marathon family decided that we pay our tribute to India’s first master chef by Blogging her recipe today.
I have a chocoholic at home and I love to try recipes that can be cooked in a jiffy in microwave and so here is a simple and delicious chocolate souffle

Recipe Source :Here
Paneer cubes            1 cup
Milk                          1/2 cup
All purpose flour     2 tbsp
Cocoa powder          2 tbsp
Sugar                         6tbsp
Baking powder          1tsp
Vanilla esssence         1tsp
Fresh cream                1 tbsp
Dark chocochips          1tbsp

Blend everything together except fresh cream and dark chocolate to a smooth paste
Now mix in the fresh cream and dark chocolate
Divide it into six equal portions in 6 ramekins
Microwave it in HIGH MODE for 1 minute and 20 seconds
Serve warm!!!

Thank you Preeti for the logo
NOTE: Fill the souffle upto only 3/4 of the ramekins.


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