Vadu Maangaa




Come mango season and the first mangoes that hit the Mylai market are the small baby mangoes or vadu maanga. These mangoes are pickled and stays good for more than a year.The pickle tastes better as it ages and is a perfect accompaniment for Thair saadam or curd rice.Each family has got it own way and recipe to prepare this pickle and this recipe is given to me by my mother in law.

Baby mangoes   8 cups
Chilli powder     1/2 cup
Turmeric powder  2 tbsp
Castor oil           4 tbsp
Salt (Powdered sea salt)/Kal uppu       1 cup
Mustard powder 1/4 cup
Pirandai             3   pieces

Pick the good baby mangoes. Remove the stem from each. Wash them well and wipe them dry

Apply the castor oil thoroughly so that it coats them fully

Now put the salt on this mix well
Now put the turmeric powder and mix well
Next goes in the chilli powder. Mix thourougly

The last is the mustard powder. Now mix everything well
Put the mixed pickle in a jar and cover it well.For the first few days, we are advised to mix it well with a clean dry ladel
Note that always a dry ladle should be used to mix and remove some for daily usage else the fungus will be formed
If proper care is taken , this pickle will last for more than a year

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