Chayote kootu/ Chow Chow kootu


Making kootu is very easy with the kootu powder that
I have a stock always. You just need 3 ingredients to prepare this, the
vegetable that  you would like to use,
green gram dhal and this magic kootu powder!!!
Chow chow.2
Green gram dal.1/2 cup
Kootu Powder.1 ½ tbsp taste
Peel and cut the chayote into snall cubes
Transfer  the
cut chayote, green gram dal, kootu powder and salt with 1 ½ cup water to a
cooker, mix well and cokk till 2 whistles.
Open after the pressure has reduced , mix and serve
This is perfect for bachelors or students to cook in
a jiffy

Serve with hot rice
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