Chickpea salad

Have been busy with navarathri , Golu and sundal making that i completely forgot that I need to blog for Bm#33 and PPCS . So here is my hurried post for the potluck party which is a tangy chickpea salad….
Chickpea                    1 cup
Cucumber                  1
Green pepper             1/2
Lemon juice               2 tbsp
Olive oil                     1tbsp
Ground Pepper          to taste
Salt                           to  taste
Soak chickpea overnight
Next morning drain the chickpea and cook it upto 3 whistles. Instead of this you can used the canned chickpea too.
Now cut the cucumber, bell pepper and mix together in a bowl
Pour the lemon juice,olive oil on this vegetable and mix well
Mix in the salt and pepper
Add the cooked beans and mix thoroughly
serve fresh !!!

Taking this along to Kid’s special Potluck party and Pot luck party Cyber Style


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