Dal Makhani

This is the most sought after dish in my house. My daughter just loves it. She would love to have it all 7 days:-)I like it because there is no addition of garam masala…I am sort of bored using it all the time.This dal has a subtle flavour without the garam masala and is very tasty

Whole Blackgram Dal 1/2 cup
Gram Dal 1 tbsp
Rajma 1 tbsp
Tomatoes 3
Red chillies 4
Ginger 1/2 “piece
Garlic 2 cloves
Yogurt 1/4 cup
Butter 1 tbsp
Fresh Cream 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Soak the black gram dal and rajma in sufficient water overnight
Soak gram dal in water 1/2 hour before cooking
Cook the dals together in a pressure cooker with enough water upto 4-5 whistles. It should cook well. After the pressure has released, mash it little.
Grind the tomatoes into a smooth paste and keep it aside.
Grind the red chillies, ginger and Garlic into a paste
Heat the butter in a pan and add the ginger garlic paste, Saute it till a good flavour comes out
Now add the tomato paste and cook till the oil separates. When the tomato is well cooked , add the yogurt and mix well. Continue to cook till the oil separates again
Time to add the cooked dhal together with salt. Mix well and cook in a low flame till the consistency is a little thick.switch off the fire
Just before serving add the fresh cream to give that rich taste(Mine was a little watery, Realized it only after I opened the pack…Tasted the same though:-)
Serve warm with any Indian Bread

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