Mocktail Umbrella

For the final week of blogging Marathon it is a theme with a difference and that is Arts and crafts. This theme is a very interesting one, can do a lot of crafting but to do the ones related to food blogging needs a lot of thinking. Food bloggers use a lot of props.And if we could make atleast some of them  then it becomes cheaper and we can do what that particular dish needs as a prop and  then it becomes all the more easy to click those lovely dishes. These small crafts projects are not that difficult to make. Check this out

Coloured papers
Glue stick
Few beads(optional)
Pair of scissors
Wooden skewers

Trace a circle on the coloured sheet.

Cut it out

Fold the circle three times to get the eight spokes marks
Shade these lines a little darker

Cut out one quarter from this circle

Apply glue on those sides and bring them together and stick. This forms a cone

Now apply a little glue to the top edge of the wooden skewer and wrap a small piece of paper on this(So that the umbrella does not slide down)

Insert it into the formed umbrella and stick a bead on the top. Bead is again optional.

These umbrellas can be made with different thickness of papers and colours. Yo can even stick tooth picks on the spoke lines to give that authentic look.Unleash your crativity to make awesome paper mocktails umbrellas!!!Hope this was helpful!


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Wow!Awesome idea Veena. I have been looking for these in the market but you have explained it so well that I think I will try them at home. That way we can have a lot of designs and colors!Thanks for this wonderful post Veena 🙂

Wow what an Idea Madam… Really very nice… I searched for this cute little umbrellas for a long time in SG. Didn't got this idea of making by myself… I am
Not going to search again for this… Thanks dear…

Veena, that's so creative..thanks for the pictorial..very nice knowing how one would do these umbrellas..:)..this was exactly what I was having in mind when I thought of you..

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