Oats Pongal

For the third day of the pongal series , it is a diabetic friendly recipe. This pongal is as tasty as the one you with rice.
Oats                     1/2cup
Green gram dhal    1/4 cup
Pepper                   2tsp
Cumin                    1tsp
Salt                         To taste
Ghee.                      2tsp
Curry leaves.            Few
Ginger.                    A small piece
Dry roast oats in a kadhai. Let it cool
Cook the dhal in cooker in 1/2 cup of water upto only 2 whistles
Heat a pan, add the roasted oats and 1 cup of water and let it cook. When it is cooked add the cooked dhal and let it together cook further with the oats
Put the cleaned and cut ginger and curry leaves, salt to this . Mix well. Let it continue to cook in a very low flame for 2 minutes
Add the ground pepper cumin powder fried in the 2 tsp ghee to this and mix well
Serve hot 


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