Sprouted Moong Dosa


Generally all of us in my home are very early risers. Exception is on weekends when we are up a little late than the regular time.Last night as usual I planned my menu for this morning’s breakfast and had a sound sleep. Woke up smiling(weekend) only to find something strange……..The house seemed to be very silent without the usual noise from the TV and the chitter-chatter over the phone. Looking around t I saw a note glaring at me on the dining table saying that”Am out, did not want to disturb you. Will be back for lunch”…..my hubby not home:-(….Went to my daughter’s room and saw that she was deep asleep….and my MIl was doing her usual chores. So I just went on with the usual stuff and it was time for the Breakfast!!!!I called out to both of them and the answer was so fast from both which is unusual:-)…both said “NOT HUNGRY…..DIRECT LUNCH PLEASE”.HUH!!!I yelled back..why????????I have prepared!!!!!!!!!!but No one answered:-(This sudden disappearance and non hunger from everyone made me activate my grey matter a little…….and the wisdom dawned on to me…..”IT IS THE DOSA MANIA THAT HAS TAKEN OVER ME FOR SOME TIME NOW”. Well the episode did not end with this….I guess they thought that they escaped the torture…little did they know that They had to endure it after all:-)…yes, sprouted moong dosa was part of their lunch too…yayyyyy:-)But I was very surprised as the so called ordeal ended because dosa was the dish most sought after….
Verdict: Best dosa you have ever made and a lovely combo!!!!!!!!!!
So…I won over their Heart/stomach:-) yet again!!!!!!!!

Sprouted Moong 1 cup
Raw rice 1 cup
Green chillies 2
Salt to taste

Soak the rice in warm for 3 hrs.
Grind the rice, sprouts, chillies and salt together till it becomes a smooth batter of dropping consistency.
Heat and grease a non-stick tava with oil.
Pour a ladleful of the batter on the tava and spread it using a circular motion, to make a thin dosai, keeping it in very low flame
Drizzle a little oil on the sides and cook.
When the lower side turns a little brown. turn over and cook on the other side
Repeat with the remaining batter to make those dosas
Serve with a hot spicy chutney like the chettinad chutney

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Super Veena, I love your conversation with your family as usual and the dosa is super healthy and you are so innovative. Jayanthi (wwww.sizzlingveggies.com)

enjoyed your write up.., I sometimes go on these sprees, Dosa vaarum, Idli vaarum.., kids make a face, that too when they know it is not a regular one and I am upto something.., I love these sprouted Dosas, as I feel very happy that I feed them healthy food.., beautiful clicks

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