When you think of Paalkoa or Tharattipaal the first
thing that comes to my mind is Aavin’s Paalkoa. I am sure most of the people
from Tamilnadu will agree with this. This sweet is indeed addictive. You just
will not say enough to it. So here is the preparation from scratch at home and
I must say that the taste is almost like the one which is sold across Aavin counters.

Recipe Source:I camp in my Kitchen
cream milk
Transfer the milk to a thick bottom pan. Heat it on
low flame.
After half an hour it will thicken a little. Keep
After an hour, it has thickened further. Scrape the sides of the pan
and let it continue to boil. Keep stirring regularly , else it might burn at
the bottom
After 90 minutes, we see that it has reduced
considerably and now you can add the sugar and mix well. Continue to cook and
keep stirring
After another 15 minutes, all the moisture has been
absorbed and it has got the perfect texture.
Switch off the fire and let it cool completely

Now enjoy eating a bite, and I am sure you cannot
resist taking another spoonful!!


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